Unlock the Secrets to Growing Ultra-Dense Cannabis Buds!

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Let There Be Light! The Power of Intensity Light is the lifeblood of any plant, and cannabis is no exception. The intensity and spectrum of light your cannabis receives can make or break your harvest. While natural sunlight is the best, not everyone has the luxury of an outdoor grow space. Enter artificial lights like … Read more

The Cannabis Club Revolution: How the UK is Lighting Up a New Path!

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The world of cannabis in the UK is undergoing a transformation, and leading the charge is the Teesside Cannabis Club. Nestled in Stockton-on-Tees, this unique establishment is challenging conventions and offering a fresh perspective on cannabis consumption in a country where it’s still a Class B controlled substance. Dive into the world of the Teesside … Read more

The Unexpected Boom of California’s Black Market Cannabis

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Five years ago, California made a monumental decision: the legalisation of recreational cannabis. The move was hailed as progressive, with many expecting it to herald the end of the illicit cannabis trade. The rationale was simple – by making cannabis legal, the state would regulate its production and sale, ensuring safety for consumers and generating … Read more

The Miracle Leaf: How Cannabis is Transforming Lives of Autistic Children!

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Autism, a complex neurodevelopmental disorder, has left countless families searching for effective treatments. For many, the journey is filled with trials of various medications, often with limited success. But what if the answer lay in a plant that has been around for centuries? Nate’s Story and the Power of Cannabis Nate, a young boy diagnosed … Read more

Federal Government Finally Admits Cannabis Can Help Kill Cancer Cells

(ANTIMEDIA) Washington, DC — In a rare and largely unnoticed move, the federal government has admitted that cannabis is effective in shrinking certain types of cancer cells. The unexpected and groundbreaking declaration was made in a recent update to a National Institute on Drug Abuse information sheet on medical marijuana. The NIDA statement reads: …recent animal studies have shown that marijuana … Read more

More Incredible Legalization Progress in America

In the year 2012, Washington state and Colorado legalized the recreational usage of cannabis, much to the dismay of prohibition supporters. Anti-pot advocates alleged it would allow it to be simpler for kids to get, that it would be used by more people, it would be an all around poor deal for all these states, … Read more

The Top 50 Cannabis Smoking Countries

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The United Nations have released more data, including this very interesting info on world cannabis consumption. This chart shows the top 50 ranking countries and I am sure is a surprise to some in Iceland. Note that Scotland beats England and Wales! And check the USA – nearly at the top of the pile with … Read more